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Eating Disorder Therapy and Body Image Therapy
in person in Bucks County, PA and
virtually in Pennsylvania and New Jersey


Licensed Professional Counselor

Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug counselor


Hi, I'm Fie O'Rourke, LPC, CAADC!

If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the first step toward getting the support that you deserve. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, my goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable to explore the aspects of your life that you feel may be holding you back. I know firsthand that it can be scary to open up to someone new, so my hope for all of my clients is that our sessions together can provide the space you need to feel safe to explore your hopes, goals, and needs in a nurturing and non-judgmental way.


I truly believe that the key to successful therapy is a strong therapeutic relationship built on trust and safety, and this is the first thing that I work on with all of the clients that I see. My therapeutic style is warm, relaxed, and person centered, allowing us to work on the things that you feel are most relevant to your life in the current moment.

Lets Get to Know Each Other!

As an eating disorder specialist, I always work from a HAES approach – I am fat positive and will never make my clients feel as though their body is a problem. I also work from a harm reduction in both my specialized work with eating disorders, disordered eating, and substance use. I strongly believe in meeting clients where they are at, while ensuring that they are medically and physically safe. I do not believe in treatment contracts or ultimatums, as I feel this can take away from a client’s autonomy. At the end of the day, my role is to support you in achieving your goals, and I believe that all of my clients are the expert on their own lives.


I specialize in working with clients struggling with eating disorders, substance use, and trauma. I work predominantly with adolescents age 14+ and adults, and will incorporate family or couples sessions where necessary. With all of my clients, my hope is to help you break free from patterns that you feel are holding you back. I hope for my clients that they are able to see there is so much life to live outside of their eating disorder, struggles with addiction, or trauma. During our sessions, we will explore realistic goals and help you to see that you are capable and deserving of living a life free from whatever challenges you feel have been getting in the way of living your best life.

Here's my experience & approach-

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Penn State University (We Are!). During my time in graduate school, I was on the executive board of the Counseling Honor Society and loved helping to coordinate various events. I also volunteered as a group counselor for the LGBTQ+ center on campus helping to run groups centered around depression and anxiety. After graduating, I worked toward my LPC while working for a local non profit treatment center specializing in substance use. I developed a love for helping people heal from challenges that were impacting all aspects of their lives, and through my experience in the substance use field, I received my CAADC (Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor). I found my way to the eating disorder field after recognizing that my personal experience and passion for it would help me be able to show up for my clients with true empathy and understanding. I am integrative in my approach in that I incorporate aspects of CBT, ACT, mindfulness, IFS, and motivational interviewing when appropriate. I believe being able to integrate various therapeutic tools allows me to provide the best and most personalized care to my clients. I became passionate about HAES, body liberation, intuitive eating, and challenging diet culture and have been with Beyond now since 2020!

Eating Disorder Therapy, Intuitive Eating, and Body Image Therapy

I have experience working with clients struggling with various types of eating disorders and disordered eating including anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder. I am passionate about helping my clients rediscover a relationship with food and their body that they may have lost touch with due to their eating disorder, societal pressure, family norms, etc. I always work from a HAES, fat positive, and harm reduction perspective. I am also passionate about helping clients learn more about intuitive eating and how they can utilize principles from this to find more food freedom. I do not believe in treatment ultimatums or contracts but will always strive to do my best to make sure that my clients are medically stable. I am comfortable working with clients who may have a higher medical acuity and I am passionate about helping clients understand the medical complications associated with eating disorders in order to keep them safe.

Therapy for Substance Use

When working with clients struggling with substance use, I work from a harm reduction perspective and believe that recovery can look different for different people. I enjoy helping clients dig deeper to understand what keeps them stuck in the cycle of addiction, with the hope that they can get back to living life feeling connected to themselves, their relationships, and the world around them. I am a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug counselor and originally found my love of counseling through wanting to help people struggling with addiction.

Higher Acuity Medical Complications within Eating Disorder Therapy and Treatment

I have extensive experience working with individuals with eating disorders who have a higher medical acuity and may have an increased need for medical stability and support in their eating disorder recovery. I am well versed in many complications that can arise due to eating disorders and feel comfortable supporting clients at all stages of their recovery. Although I do not believe in treatment contracts or ultimatums, it is my priority to ensure that my clients are medically stable and safe. I work from a harm reduction lens and try to support clients in gaining the motivation to recover. I believe it is important to work from a team approach and collaborate regularly with my clients' dietitians, doctors, and families or other support systems to make sure that they are getting the care they need. 

Trauma Therapy and PTSD Treatment

Most people have experienced some sort of trauma in their life, however when the trauma someone has experienced begins to outweigh their ability to function in their lives and relationships, they may be in need of trauma therapy. Trauma can present and manifest differently for everyone. I will help you to process your trauma in a way that feels safe, and will always make sure that we are taking things at your pace. I know trauma can be scary to face, but seeing clients feel more freedom from their past traumatic experiences is one of the greatest joys of my job. I am trained in progressive counting (a trauma treatment approach) and utilize principles of IFS when appropriate as well. 

Therapy for Relationship Distress and Relationship Issues

I believe our relationships are crucial to our mental health. When we are experiencing relationship distress, whether with a partner, parent, child, or friend, it can feel like it begins to take over. Feeling disconnected from those closest to us can lead us to feeling lonely and isolated. I work with clients to understand their role in the conflict at hand, and to gain insight around their needs and communication strategies. I utilize Nonviolent Communication (NVC), understanding of the love languages/apology languages, and couples/family sessions when necessary to help clients reconnect with the people in their life and improve their communication across the board.


Therapy for Anger Management

Anger is an emotion that anyone can relate to, however there are times when people may find that anger is taking up more space in their lives than they would like. In therapy sessions, I enjoy supporting clients in discovering the source of their anger, and what other emotions may be coexisting under the surface. Understanding your needs and feeling is key to better understanding your relationship to anger. If seeing me for anger, we will work together to figure out some ways that you can cope with feelings of anger differently and safely in order to enhance your life and relationships.

When I'm out of the office...

I am originally from Denmark and absolutely love to travel and explore new areas! On the weekend, you can probably find me checking out a new (or loved favorite) restaurant with my husband and friends. I have 2 hairless cats that I absolutely adore named Kreacher and Cleopatra. Chances are they will probably make an appearance in our sessions once in a while! Tattoos are one of my favorite forms of self expression and body autonomy.

Fie O'Rourke is an eating disorder and body image therapist near me in Newtown, PA and in PA and NJ.

Let's Work Together!

If you are interested in therapy, please don't hesitate to reach out for a 15 minute discovery phone call to see if we're a good fit!

I offer in person therapy in Bucks County, PA in Newtown, PA and virtually, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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