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Rachael McLaughlin is an eating disorder therapist near me in Newtown, PA in Bucks County, Pa and in New Jersey and Delaware,

Eating Disorder Treatment  is difficult to navigate.

A consultation can help.

Many people who are struggling with disordered

eating are often unsure what their next best

steps are for their care and recovery. 

Rachael provides unbiased, comprehensive consultations for people to provide the community with a unique resource.  It is difficult to know where to start in finding the support that will be the most helpful.  

Consultations are two hours in length, allowing clients the time and space for individualized care.

Psychoeducation will be provided to help clients and their supports understand eating disorder treatment, levels of care offered, and what treatment facilities or local clinicians offer services that best suit their unique needs.

There are also options for continued consultation services (varying in 1 or 2 hour sessions based on your needs), as clients may want additional time to process what feels the most comfortable for them.

Clients can be self-referred, or a client may be referred for consultation services by their current therapist, medical doctor, dietitian, or any other member of the client’s support system.

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