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Sarah Mann M.Ed, RDN, LDN

Registered Dietitian


Sarah Mann, RDN, is a registered dietitian at Beyond Therapy and Nutrition Center. Sarah is HAES-aligned and specializes in eating disorders, disordered eating, intuitive eating, and healing your relationship with food.

Sarah is a registered dietitian that specializes in working with clients struggling with eating disorders, disordered eating, and chronic dieting. She practices from a HAES®- aligned perspective and is also an intuitive eating counselor. She aims to help clients create a healthier relationship with food and body through fostering curious awareness and self-compassion.  Sarah also supports clients in learning to recognize and reject diet culture as part of their recovery. She hopes to help clients create space to live a more fulfilling life beyond their eating disorder.

Sarah earned her bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Messiah College, then went on to complete a community nutrition focused dietetic internship through Cedar Crest College. She spent 8 years working as a clinical dietitian in various long-term care and rehabilitation settings before deciding to return to graduate school to pursue her true passion, eating disorders. She recently received her Master’s in Health Education and Promotion with a Concentration in Eating Disorders from Plymouth State University and has been working in a private practice setting for the last 2 years.

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