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The Beyond Membership

Step into our virtual membership space, where we celebrate every body and
empower individuals to heal their relationship with food and self.

We are offering a one-stop shop community to offer
the accessible and affordable care you've been searching for.

When you join, you will be surrounded by those free from
the constraints of diet culture, and be able to embrace a
journey toward self-love and acceptance.

Exclusive Membership Includes

  • 🍽️ Weekly Group Meal Support: We see the value in connection; doing it alone isn't always fun! Most meal support groups cost $20-45+/group,. The Beyond membership helps connect in a more affordable way!  Here's a sample schedule - days and times will vary each month: schedule.

  • 🗣️ Weekly Discussion Group: Customized conversations based on the community's feedback, current issues, and relevant topics. We're here for you! Here's a sample schedule - days and times will vary each month: schedule.

  • 📚 Monthly Members-Only Blog/Vlog: Hear from your team about hot topics, the newest research, and community questions answered.  You'll be able to access previous months too!

In our space, we are prioritizing affordability and accessibility, ensuring that everyone can access the support they deserve without financial barriers.

Pick Your Plan

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Starts November 1st! $39/month after first 30 days free, Cancel Anytime
     30 day free trial
  • Annual Membership

    Every year
    $399 for 12 months after first 30 days free (no early cancellation)
     30 day free trial
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