How We Can Help


Don't know where to start? Rachael McLaughlin, LPC

 can help!


Meet our specialized therapists & psychologists who can help you in your recovery!


Nutrition at Beyond offers more than general nutrition education. 


The power of yoga therapy can be life changing.  Learn more about individual yoga services!

Bright Room


Not sure where to start?  Beyond offers individual consultation and assessment to help guide you towards your next best step of recovery! and food peace!


FInding the right therapist is imperative to you progressing to meet your goals.

Beyond offers specialized individual and group therapy with clinicians who have clinical experience in the field of eating disorders.

Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy can help you heal your relationship with food and your body while learning how to meet your nutrition needs.


Healing your relationship with food and your body through movement can be powerful.

Individual yoga therapy can be utilized as an adjunct therapy to bring your recovery where you want it to be.