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Is that mental load heavy? Not feeling like "supermom?"

You're not alone.

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1 in 5 women experience postpartum depression after giving birth. Many women will experience symptoms of perinatal anxiety, depression, and OCD even if they never seek help.  The mental load of being a modern mom can feel unmanageable.  The good news - treatment helps! 

After becoming a mom in 2020 in what people loved to call "unprecedented times," I sought my own treatment for postpartum depression.  Even as a therapist, it felt impossible to know where to start or how to find the right help. I realized how much more support new moms (actually - ANY MOM...or parent....or caregiver) need and how challenging it can be to find it.  It wasn't the baby blues, my dream of getting out of the house and sitting in a therapists office was literally that, a dream (thanks COVID)

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