HAES-Aligned Therapy Dog (in-training)

Favorite Toy:

Tennis balls, Stuffed animals, Tugger toys

Favorite Treat:

Favorite Activity:

Spending time with clients, walks & playing ball

Gotchya Day:

October 16, 2021

A Bit About Me

Maya is a black lab, currently in training to be a certified therapy dog. Maya loves humans especially if you have treats. She believes that dogs and humans of all sizes deserve love , acceptance, cuddles, and delicious snacks! Her favorite snacks are bully sticks, but she is curious about cuisines of all kinds, as you can find her counter surfing for human food if you don't watch her closely. She is also an intuitive eater who has the autonomy to decide how much kibble she will eat at each of her scheduled meals. Similarly to how she believes that humans of all sizes can be trusted around food, she knows how to nourish herself and move her body. She finds the most joy in walks and playing ball.  


When you come to the office you may see and meet our sweet HAES-aligned pup!